‘Prey’ Review: A Back-To-Basics Approach to a Well-Worn Franchise

The Predator franchise has been a very prominent one in pop culture since the first film released back in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger to the point where even if you haven’t seen any of the films you have a basic understanding of who the character is, what it’s purpose is and the general plot thread of most movies. That’s what powerful iconography and simplicity can get you, where a very unique creature design mixed with basic character motivation, in this case, a Predator who wants to hunt its prey, and you have a recipe for success. 

Then the question must be posed, why can’t Hollywood get that simple formula right most of the time? Why complicate something so simple and easy to construct? Thankfully the newest 20th Century Studios movie ‘Prey’ directed by Dan Trachtenberg decides to go back to its original’s roots and tell the simple story of man vs. beast. 


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