‘Reign of Chaos’ Review: A Not So Apocalyptic Apocalypse

Left Films presents the latest film from director Rebecca Matthews, ‘Reign of Chaos’. The film is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape with the evil Lord Chaos turning most of humanity into zombie-like creatures. Three young sisters (Rebecca Finch, Georgia Wood, and Rita Di Tuccio), descendants of the Goddess Nike, have to unite in order to defeat Lord Chaos and preventing from world domination.

And technically the film delivers on this story, but what a weird and convoluted way to tell it. Reign of Chaos begins with an extensive narration explaining the machinations of the setting and backstory of the world-building it will focus on, but it’s so long, so convoluted that I got completely confused halfway through its overtly long explanation. The best I can summarize the basic lore it wishes to convey is that there are three ‘The Ones’ who have to fight an evil guy who turned people into not-so-quite-zombies zombies.


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