‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’ Review: The Ultimate Nick-Cagiest Film To Rule Them All

Nicolas Cage stars as Nick Cage, in a heightened interpretation of himself, in the newest action-comedy film directed by Tom Gormican titled ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’. The titular character is struggling with financial woes, family drama, and creative bankruptcy. Luckily he gets a $1 million dollar gig to assist a giant birthday party of a seemingly mild-mannered super fan named Javi Gutierrez (Pedro Pascal). Everything goes down the shitter when Nick Cage is employed by a CIA operative (Tiffany Haddish) to take down Gutierrez’s empire. He must hone his very peculiar skill set in order to survive and complete the mission, all while discovering who he really is… Nick FUCKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN’ Cage.

Where to begin with this one? It’s truly phenomenal watching Nicolas Cage’s career throughout the years. He’s done amazing pieces of cinema such as Raising ArizonaAdaptationLeaving Las VegasFace/Off, and even most recently with Pig. Cage has always been able to portray a huge array of characters, with tonally different interpretations, going from very subdued to ridiculously over the top and everywhere in-between. The man truly has a very fascinating range. With The Unbearable Weight, however, it truly acts as an ode to what he has accomplished throughout his career, acting as a type of greatest hits if you will.

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